Richman Family

Merle East (Feburary 9, 1929—July 16, 2017)

Merle East's parents are James Floyd East (1990-1970) and Linnie Ann Holly (1905-1999). See photos below.

Merle East and Donald Byron Jackman are the parents of three children: Donna Lyn Jackman, Teri Lee Jackman, and Michael David Jackman (known as David).

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Watch a memorial video with pictures from Merle's life. The video was created for her funeral by CaroLyn Robertson. Listen to an audio file of the funeral services held July 20, 2017 (1 hour 12 mins).


Oceanside High School

Oceanside/Carlsbad High School, at the corner of S. Horne St. and Seagaze Dr. (address: 1 Pirates Cove Way, Oceanside, CA 92054). Seagaze Drive used to run in front of the high school, but that road is now closed and turned into part of the campus. See more photos: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Photos taken March 2017. Photo from the internet (date unknown).

Merle 1944



Don & Merle Wedding 1951

Christmas surprise! Like mother . . . .

. . . like daughter. Christmas 1984

East Ancestors

Linnie East and grandkids

Mildred and Linnie East July 9, 1982

Ashley & Linnie East, 1990

Linnie East, Jason (baby), and Lanae, October 1985

Jim, Carla, Carl Jr., Don, Merle

Linnie and Floyd East

Merle & Linnie

Floyd East, 1968

Susan Holly, Teri, Floyd East, Donna, Don, David, Merle

Jim, 1948

Jim, December 1957

Florence Gosney (Floyd East's mom) on left and her sisters

Yoby Evans Holly (Linnie's mother) and Edra (Linnie's sister)

Yoby Evans Holly and Edra 1937

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Byron JackmanBryon Jackman (1901-1972) and Mildred Matilda Samuelson (1905-1991) are the parents of Donald Byron Jackman

Donald Byron JackmanDonald Byron Jackman (1924-2012) is the father of Teri Lee Jackman

Related to (East line)

James Floyd EastJames Floyd East (1900-1970) and Linnie Ann Holly (1905-1999) are the parents of Merle East

Merle East jackmanMerle East is the daughter of James Floyd East and Linnie Ann Holly

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