Richman Family

Donald Bryon Jackman (1924-2012)

Donald Bryon Jackman's parents are Byron Jackman (1901-1972) and Mildred Matilda Samuelson (1905-1991). (See photos below.)

Donald Bryon Jackman and Merle East are the parents of three children: Donna Lyn Jackman, Teri Lee Jackman, and Michael David Jackman (known as David).

See more pictures of Jackman and Samuelson ancestors below.


Don, December 1987

Don & Merle

Don & Merle Wedding 1951

December 1978

November 1983


Don, Merle, Donna, Ken June 86

Donna, David, Teri

50th Wedding Anniversary of Don & Merle

Open House on October 27, 2001 at the Rose Ward meetinghouse

Merle, Don, and Donna

Don and Merle welcoming guests

DJ, CaroLyn, and Merle

Don, Merle, and Teri

Teri, David, and Merle

Don and Merle seeing the family tree quilt unveiled

Carolyn and DJ

Guests, Don, Donna, Trevor, Eddie, David, Krista

CaroLyn, DJ, and Rita (Ma East's nurse)

Jamie and Jason

Jamie holding Trevor

Tristen and Rachel

Lanae and Jamie

Lanae and Jamie

Byron Jackman (1901-1972) and Mildred Matilda Samuelson (1905-1991)

Byron Jackman family

Byron Jackman family (left to rightback row): Byron Jackman, Mildred Matilda Samuelson, Alta Deawn Jackman, Wilford Aldwin Hiatt, Mary Frieda Samuelson, Sarah Ellen Lambson, John Victor Samuelson, Emma Euleda Samuelson; (front row, left to right); [unknown], Kenneth Delos Jackman, Elmo Fackrell, Ordis Revo Jackman, John Alfred Samuelson, [unknown]

Mildred Jackman

Mildred Jackman

Merle, Teri, Lanae (baby), Mildred (Teri's paternal grandmother), Krista, May 1983

Samuelson family

Samuelson family (left to right: Emma Euleda Samuelson, Mildred Matilda Samuelson, Sarah Ellen Lambson, Mary Frieda Samuelson, Thora Samuelson

Samuelson and Jackman Families

Sarah Ellen Lambson Samuelson's 80th birthday celebration. Back Row (left to right): Carrie Samuelson Ferera, Mary Frieda Samuelson Frandsen, Almon Marion Samuelson, Emma Euleda Samuelson, Thora Samuelson Fackrell; front row (left to right): John Alfred Samuelson, Sarah Ellen Lambson Samuelson, Mildred Matilda Jackman

Mildred Matilda Samuelson, Carrie Samuelson, Mary Samuelson

Mildred Matilda Samuelson, Carrie Samuelson, Mary Frieda Samuelson

John Victor & Sarah Ellen Samuelson Family. Picture taken in 1926

John Victor & Sarah Ellen Samuelson family in 1926. Back row (left to right): Thora, Mary Frieda, Mildred Matilda, Carrie, Alda Revo; front row (left to right):  John Alfred, John Victor, Emma Euleda, Sarah Ellen Lambson, Gloria (baby), Almon

Mildred Matilda Samuelson

John Victor & Sarah Ellen Samuelson family. Back row (left to right): Carrie Samuelson, John Alfred Samuelson, Emma Euleda Samuelson, Almon Marion Samuelson, Thora Samuelson; front row (left to right): Mildred Matilda Samuelson, John Victor Samuelson, Sarah Ellen Lambson, Mary Frieda Samuelson


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Byron JackmanBryon Jackman (1901-1972) and Mildred Matilda Samuelson (1905-1991) are the parents of Donald Byron Jackman

Donald Byron JackmanDonald Byron Jackman (1924-2012) is the husband of Merle East and the father of Teri Lee Jackman


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