Richman Family

Michael David Jackman (known as David)

Michael David Jackman's parents are Donald Byron Jackman and Merle East.


David age 14, December 1979

David High School Graduation 1981

David, Holly, Ashley

David, Linnie, Holly November 1983

David's son Mike

David's daughter Rachel

Related to (Jackman line)

Byron JackmanBryon Jackman (1901-1972) and Mildred Matilda Samuelson (1905-1991) are the parents of Donald Byron Jackman

Donald Byron JackmanDonald Byron Jackman (1924-2012) is the father of Michael David

Related to (East line)

James Floyd EastJames Floyd East (1900-1970) and Linnie Ann Holly (1905-1999) are the parents of Merle East

Merle East jackmanMerle East is the mother of Michael David

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