Richman Family

Teri Lee Jackman

Teri Lee Jackman's parents are Donald Byron Jackman and Merle East.

Larry Leon Richman and Teri Lee Jackman are the parents of four children: Lanae Richman (who married Jay Robert Christiansen), Jamie Richman (who married Robert Glen Walker), Jason Dru Richman (who married Abigail Rose Nickel, known as Abbie), and Hailee Richman (who married Elliott Chance Terry, known as Chance).

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Teri 1 year

Donna and Teri

Donna and Teri

Age 5, 1962

6th grade, age 12

When Teri's car caught on fire in October 1976

Age 20, October 1976

The day Teri entered the mission home, April 8, 1978

Sister Jackman, April 1979, Torrance, CA

March 1982

Age 24, December 1980

Teri engagement portrait 1982

Open House in Boise

Teri, Larry, Merle, and Don at the Open House in Boise

Teri 2000

Teri August 2007

Related to (Jackman line)

Byron JackmanBryon Jackman (1901-1972) and Mildred Matilda Samuelson (1905-1991) are the parents of Donald Byron Jackman

Donald Byron JackmanDonald Byron Jackman (1924-2012) is the father of Teri Lee Jackman

Related to (East line)

James Floyd EastJames Floyd East (1900-1970) and Linnie Ann Holly (1905-1999) are the parents of Merle East

Merle East jackmanMerle East is the mother of Teri Lee Jackman

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