Richman Family

Hailee Richman

Hailee Richman's parents are Larry Leon Richman and Teri Lee Jackman.

Hailee and Elliott Chance Terry (known as Chance) are the parents of one child: Mila Jane Terry.


Hailee as a baby

School Pictures

Kindergarten, age 5, 1995

First grade, age 6, 1996

Another first grade picture

Second grade, age 7, 1997

Another second grade picture

Third grade, age 8, 1998

Fourth grade, age 9, 1999

Another fourth grade picture

Fifth grade picture, age 10, 2000

Another fifth grade picture taken in April 2001

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Senior pictures

Other Photos

Hailee's baptism in 1998 at the Baptistry at the Tabernacle

On a boat in Mexico going over to Isla Mujeres in 1999

In a hammock at the hotel in Isla Mujeres

Hailee holding her cousin Lauren Wintersteen

Dance picture

With friends at Las Vegas on a dance trip

More friends

At a piano recital

Hailee and Whinie the Pooh in Orlando 1999

Hailee was the parasol girl in the stake roadshow

Hailee playing with the Disco Girls softball team 2001


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Hailee's dance program at Hunter Jr. High, December 2004

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