Richman Family

Lanae Richman

Lanae Richman's parents are Larry Leon Richman and Teri Lee Jackman.

Lanae and Jay Robert Christiansen are the parents of two children: Rogan Jayde Christiansen and Myka El9 Christiansen (middle name pronounced "E-L-9").

Baby Pictures

Lanae and Jamie

Lanae, Jamie, Jason (1 week old) 1985

School Pictures


First grade

Second grade

Fourth grade

Fifth grade

? grade

? grade

Ninth grade

? grade

Teenage Pictures

Performing at the Dicken's Festival

Karina Beyler, Jerrin Johnson, Lanae, Richard Campbell 1999

On a boat in Mexico going over to Isla Mujeres in 1999

At a restaurant in Cancun
, Mexico

Lanae on the steps of Teotihuacan, Mexico

Jay-SON, leave me alone!

Lanae on youth conference pioneer trek 2000

Repelling in Moab 2001

Repelling in Moab 2001

Senior Pictures

Lanae with her principal on graduation day, June 1, 2001

Lanae and Karina Beyeler on graduation day 2001

Lanae and Jamie at their grandparents' 50th Wedding Anniversary

Lanae and Jamie at their grandparents' 50th Wedding Anniversary

Jamie and Lanae at Jamie's Wedding

Lanae & Jay Engagement and Bridal Pictures

Lanae Richman married Jay Christiansen on June 21, 2007 in the Salt Lake Temple

Watch family videos on the Richman Family YouTube Channel.

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