Richman Family

Larry and Teri Richman Family

Pictures from the family of Larry Leon Richman and Teri Lee Jackman family.

Larry & Teri Richman family, October 2013

Children and grandchildren of Larry Leon Richman & Teri Lee Jackman, October 2013

Larry, Lanae, and Jamie, July 1985

Christmas 1985

Lanae, Jamie, Jason 1987

Lanae, Jamie, Jason 1989

Richman family in 1992.

At David's farewell

Taken at Forest Lawn in Salt Lake City on Halloween, 30 October 1998

Orlando Trip 1999

Jason, Hailee, Jamie at Disneyworld in Orlando 1999

September 2007


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In 1995, Larry and Teri participated in the Lands of the Scriptures study program with the Church Educational System. The end of the study program culminated in a trip to Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Italy.

Hunter Central Stake Pioneer Trek about 1995. Larry and Teri were ma and pa.

Hunter Central Stake Pioneer Trek 2000. In the video above, see Larry and Teri as ma and pa. Jason and Lanae were also there.

The video above is from a trip to Puerto Vallarta in 2006. This video was taken July 11, 2006 of Larry, Teri, Rick, and Wendy on the canopy tour. The actual tour begins at 1:15.

Watch family videos on the Richman Family YouTube Channel.


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